10 minimalist travel essentials – vegan friendly and money saving

I stopped counting, but I was probably asked this question over 100 times, mostly by my female friends. The short answer is: you need to prioritise and say goodbye to a lot of your things. I practised a lot of Marie Kondo (say thank you to the item for the value it provided/the lesson itContinue reading “10 minimalist travel essentials – vegan friendly and money saving”

I never hit the “SNOOZE” button. This is why.

Short on time? Read the four pillars of health that changed our lives [INFOGRAPHIC] I am good at waking up early. I am one of those obnoxious people who is always in the office earlier than you. One of those type A-personalities who yells an emphasised “GOOD MORNING!” at a higher frequency sound than whatContinue reading “I never hit the “SNOOZE” button. This is why.”

How I became a Minimalist in 5 simple steps

There is an ancient story that changed my perspective on life and living. It took me some time to grasp the morale of the story. In fact, I had to read it four times, quit my corporate job and donate most of my belongings to charity before I understood its various meanings. Don’t worry, youContinue reading “How I became a Minimalist in 5 simple steps”

8 morning habits that changed my life (and my productivity)

Do you know the feeling of having your morning hijacked? Related reading: INFOGRAPHIC with evidence based lifestyle tips You thought you planned your morning with care and intention. You even scribbled down a couple of notes on a post-it before you fell asleep eager to remain in control of the day that was to come.Continue reading “8 morning habits that changed my life (and my productivity)”

Staying healthy and happy: 7 crucial practices

Only have 2 mins? See our evidence-based living guide (INFOGRAPHIC) 1. Sleep at least 7.5 hours every night You are not lazy because you get sufficient sleep – you are smart. If you are sleep deprived, you eat app. 385 calories extra in a day (with 6-7 hours of sleep). Reduce bedroom light, remove allContinue reading “Staying healthy and happy: 7 crucial practices”

The question I ask myself to find motivation

I’m breaking up with “should”. You see, I carry a small shoulder-devil with blonde hair and a pink fleecy bodysuit who whispers into my ear with a dry, rusty voice: “let’s spice it up with should“. She tempts me with rosy illusions of what my life will look like if I follow “should“, and sheContinue reading “The question I ask myself to find motivation”

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