Why we quit our jobs and turned plant-based

I hit 30 and reality hit me. I was losing my fitness. My lifestyle was making me FAT.

Just like everyone else around me I started to gain a small belly and experienced a heavy breath when taking the stairs to my third floor office desk.

How is that possible I thought.

I was regularly going to the gym, taking my protein supplements and avoiding most carbs.

Yet, I couldn’t get rid of excess fat. And I was always f*****g hungry.

On the contrary.

I was gaining weight.

By the winter of 2018, for the first time in my life, I was approaching 90Kg. That is 10Kg over my optimal weight.

I was scared, pissed off, and confused. I needed to do something.

When I asked around, everyone seemed to have a different opinion. Some people were keto, others paleo, some low carbs, others high carbs, some were fasting, others were drinking meal replacements, some were crossfitters, others were training for triathlons. In the previous five years I had tried all these things. I even tried putting butter in my coffee.

But nothing worked.

What I noticed among all of my peers was a common thread.

Despite all the effort:

None of us had our weight under control.
None of us had our energy levels under control.
None of us had our cravings under control.
None of us had our health under control.

All of us were confused, and were trying hard to get a grip on our health.

We were all slaves of food. It was constantly on our minds.

My girlfriend felt the same.

Being an athlete for most of her childhood she had always been active, full of energy and, well, fit. Yet, in the past few years she was also experiencing excessive pain around some old sport injuries, bloating, and unusual puffiness.

She tried being on a diet of very low carb intake, zero fats, and little pleasure. She only ate salads, lean protein and skimmed icelanding yogurts. Yet, the symptoms were still there.

Some months passed, things were not improving, and despite our greatest efforts we were still struggling with the same problems:

Weight management
Energy dips and lack of focus
General tiredness

It can’t be that hard, can it? We thought.

But we didn’t know what to do. We were lost. And our biggest fear was for our future.

We wanted to start a family, potentially have kids, but we couldn’t bear the thought of raising another human being without being able to take good care of ourselves first.

And so, that’s when we decided to quit our jobs.

We needed some time away from the bad habits of corporate life to reboot.

We needed free mental space from the 9 to 5 to read and learn about human health.

And that’s what we did.

For the following 6 months, we spent every waking moment of our lives digging deep into the science of food, nutrition, and general human health.

What we discovered shocked us, and is the reason we started theplantbasedschool.com.

Published by nico

Co-Founder of theplantbasedschool.com, corporate escapist, minimalist, frugal living enthusiast, vegan chef.

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